Top 5 Pet Birds

Everyone wants to have a feathered friend. But only a few know about the various avian breeds. Just like in animals even most of the birds are wild, only a few have the pet quality. A pet quality bird should be gentle, friendly and well adaptive to the human environment.

The very idea of a bird is a symbol and a suggestion to the poet. A bird seems to be at the top of the scale, so vehement and intense is his life, large-brained, large-lunged, hot, ecstatic, his frame charged with buoyancy and his heart with song.

John Burroughs

Now we will enlist the best 5 friendliest bird breeds for you.

1. Cockatoo

Cockatoo is an attention seeker and so they get sad if ignored. They have a strong bonding with their owners. They require multiple interactions. Their food comprises of green leaves, carrots, and pellets. Cockatoo’s average life span is about 12 years. Parasites do infect this breed often. Their price is not static but a pair of Sulphur Crested Cockatoo can be priced around 200k in India.

2. Budgie

Budgie is one of the most common pets in Indian family. They are from parrot family and rank smallest in them. These breeds are very active, friendly and obedient. Budgie is generally of light green colour; the cere of mature males is bluish and its tan colour in mature females. They are susceptible to iodine deficiency goitre. The cost of a pair of Budgie in India ranges from 300 – 2k INR.

Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.

Stephen King, Rita Hayworth ans Shawshank Redemption: A story from different seasons

3. Amazon Parrot

Amazon Parrots are medium-sized and also seeks attention from its caretaker. They have the ability to talk and should be trained from a small age. These parrots are susceptible to heart diseases, infection of their nares. The cost of these breeds can be up to 50k in India.

4. Scarlet Macaw

Macaw has various species and each of them varies in their features. They are large in size with various color options like red, blue and yellow. Their diet includes seeds, fruits and nuts. Scarlet Macaw in India costs around 120k to 170k

5. Fantail Pigeon

Fantail Pigeon are a breed of fancy pigeon. Their feet are covered with multiple feathers and tail has 30-40 feathers. In India Fantail Pigeon costs around 7k to 8k INR.

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?

Rose Kennedy