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A Pet lover looses money for saving a dog.

An inhabitant of Chamarajpet, Bengaluru said that the episode occurred last Monday when she was feeding stray dogs close to her home, found that a dark Labrador had been abandoned by its proprietor.

She said in an interview “The canine was visually impaired and also suffering from other medical problems. Since the canine had a neckline, I waited for 3 days for her owner to turn up, yet tragically nobody turned up. I dealt with her for quite a while and took care of her day by day however her wellbeing was falling apart quickly. Last Monday, I reached a couple of notable canine consideration communities yet I didn’t get a good reaction from any of them. At that point I looked through the web and found a 24×7 ­animal pet rehabilitation place that sprung up on the list.

I called the number and the individual addressed saying that they give pet ambulances. The man disclosed to me that they wouldn’t charge for the treatment and requested that I pay Rs. 5 for the rescue vehicle. He sent me a Google form and requested that I fill my name, contact number and address. I revealed to him that I would send the cash through Google pay. I filled the structure at 4:40 pm and paid the ambulance charge. After 5 mins, at 4:45 pm Rs. 18,389 was debited from my account to an unknown account which also holds the my name. “

She learned from a senior police officer that similar crimes have been reported in the last few weeks, therefore once should verify the authenticity of a website before paying any money.

She revealed that without sharing any password or OTP still she lost her money. So readers now you have before paying any amount of money online as no app is safe, for example here GPay was used which boasts of google security still got her account hacked.