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Can Pet fur spread Coronavirus? Vets says maybe.

Specialists believe that all pet owners should maintain social distancing with their animals as well. Veterinarians all around the world are stating that dogs and cats can carry COVID-19 virus without really having the infection themselves; their coat could be a potential vehicle for transmission.

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association member Dr. Ian Sandler says that pets are extended family members therefore they should also maintain social distance. Although he also says that we should take them to walk but maintain distance from other humans and animals.

A Veterinarian Professor Dr. Scott Weeseat explains that when a COVID positive patient pats or cuddles on one’s pet in a park or any social gathering, that pet fur becomes a carrier of the virus.

From the University of Manitoba, Kevin Coombs who is an infectious disease expert said that hair does not have any antiseptic property therefore they can carry any pathogen for some time.

Center for Disease Control has asked patients who are suffereing from COVID 19 to be away from animals. Although millions of humans are affected with this virus worldwide, incidence in animals is rare. It is less like to transfer from animal fur to humans but no one knows how long does the virus can persist on the pets coat.

The rare occurence of animals tested postive of COVID-19 were in HongKong where dogs were infected and a tiger in a zoo in US.

So for the betterment of both animals and humans we should be careful when we take out pets for a walk. Make sure no one touches them or no animals come near to them for the moment.

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