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Every pet owners when ever go out for vacation they require some one to take care of the. At that time you seek for pet friendly hotels or a pet sitter. But when you have to travel in unplanned manner as in case of emergency then pet resort will be a great help. They take care of your four legged child just like you. They have boarding with delicious menus. Some have their own walking tracks, pool, games and CCTV’s which you can track remotely.

Here we have listed out few Pet Resorts which might be a great help for you along with their links.

Kindly note: All information about the resorts have been taken from their respective websites.
1. The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa

The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa family of animal care facilities provide resort-style vacations for dogs and cats (birds and exotics vary by location), by combining homelike amenities with recreational activity. Our state-of-the-art ‘five-paw’ properties are custom designed to meet and exceed all kennel industry standards for boarding, grooming, doggie day care and more.

Our trained and caring staff members are the best in the business – providing unparalleled customer service, animal expertise and peace-of-mind 24-hours per day, 365 days per year. The end results are safer, more comfortable experiences at affordable prices! To know more click here.

2. Canis Resort — Munich, Germany

They provide a dog boarding service that is sensitive and tailored to suit dogs, in a tail-waggingly cosy ambience of well-being. This is what awaits ones pet in their luxury dog hotel. The setting and level of care meet the highest standards and go far beyond the level provided by conventional dog boarding. Along with boarding facilities they offer physiotherapy sessions along with orthopaedic and neurologic assessments. Click here for more details.

They are located at Erdinger Str. 135, Freising  85356, Germany.

3. Actuel Dogs — Paris

When one is in a luxury vacation in Paris and can’t take your beloved pet with you, you have Actuel Dogs, a luxary hotel for them. Beside pool, luxary accomodation, delicious menu, massage salon there are various physical activities present.

They charge upto 25 to 36 euros per night.

4. Pet’s Dream Park Hotel — Taipei, Taiwan

Pets dream park is an innovative and professional pet hotel. We provide the most humanness services such as 24hrs watchman ship, pet day-care and grooming service. Differ from the traditional pet hotel management, we provide more of a “summer camp” experience for your pets to have fun and make new friends during their stay.

Each over night (after check-out hours) stay counts as one full day. (special discounts for pets boarding over 10 days.)
long stay discounts will only be offered to guests staying for over 2 months.

Click for more accomadation and other details.

5. D Pet Hotel

These hotels provide amenities and services like luxuriously designed suite; from its Standard Suites that have doggie beds and TVs. They try to give best possible services, luxury amenities and specialty products available all under one roof, has not only created a fabulous lifestyle for these amazing Distinguished /Dogs; but also for their owners. 

Along with accomodation they also offer daycare for dogs, their grooming, facilities like D-Chauffeur also present and also a private chef for dogs present.

They have their presence in Austin, Texas; Chelsea, NYC; Hollywood, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Arcadia, AZ; Scottsdale, AZ. Click for more details.

6. Essex Pooch Palace, Wickford, UK

It is a 5 star luxary hotel and spa for dogs. It is a paradise for four legged companion of yours. They have a pick and drop facilities. Their rooms are all beautifully decorated and fully furnished with sofas, chandeliers and flat television.

They have only 10 rooms available. They have private walking tracks and field to play. They also have excellent grooming facilities.
The rates for this hotel is 21 euros per dog and for 2 dogs in same pod it is 18 euros per dog. For booking and more information click here.

7. Jet Pet Resort

They are known for excellent pet care and boarding for travellers but it quickly grew to serve a growing demand for quality pet care. They are available at various locations in Canada and also USA. Click here for more details.