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Every pet owners when ever go out for vacation they require some one to take care of the. At that time you seek for pet friendly hotels or a pet sitter. But when you have to travel in unplanned manner as in case of emergency then pet resort will be a great help. They take care of your four legged child just like you. They have boarding with delicious menus. Some have their own walking tracks, pool, games and CCTV’s which you can track remotely.

Here we have listed out few Pet Resorts which might be a great help for you along with their links.

Kindly note: All information about the resorts have been taken from their respective websites.
1. The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa

The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa family of animal care facilities provide resort-style vacations for dogs and cats (birds and exotics vary by location), by combining homelike amenities with recreational activity. Our state-of-the-art ‘five-paw’ properties are custom designed to meet and exceed all kennel industry standards for boarding, grooming, doggie day care and more.

Our trained and caring staff members are the best in the business – providing unparalleled customer service, animal expertise and peace-of-mind 24-hours per day, 365 days per year. The end results are safer, more comfortable experiences at affordable prices! To know more click here.

2. Canis Resort — Munich, Germany

They provide a dog boarding service that is sensitive and tailored to suit dogs, in a tail-waggingly cosy ambience of well-being. This is what awaits ones pet in their luxury dog hotel. The setting and level of care meet the highest standards and go far beyond the level provided by conventional dog boarding. Along with boarding facilities they offer physiotherapy sessions along with orthopaedic and neurologic assessments. Click here for more details.

They are located at Erdinger Str. 135, Freising  85356, Germany.

3. Actuel Dogs — Paris

When one is in a luxury vacation in Paris and can’t take your beloved pet with you, you have Actuel Dogs, a luxary hotel for them. Beside pool, luxary accomodation, delicious menu, massage salon there are various physical activities present.

They charge upto 25 to 36 euros per night.

4. Pet’s Dream Park Hotel — Taipei, Taiwan

Pets dream park is an innovative and professional pet hotel. We provide the most humanness services such as 24hrs watchman ship, pet day-care and grooming service. Differ from the traditional pet hotel management, we provide more of a “summer camp” experience for your pets to have fun and make new friends during their stay.

Each over night (after check-out hours) stay counts as one full day. (special discounts for pets boarding over 10 days.)
long stay discounts will only be offered to guests staying for over 2 months.

Click for more accomadation and other details.

5. D Pet Hotel

These hotels provide amenities and services like luxuriously designed suite; from its Standard Suites that have doggie beds and TVs. They try to give best possible services, luxury amenities and specialty products available all under one roof, has not only created a fabulous lifestyle for these amazing Distinguished /Dogs; but also for their owners. 

Along with accomodation they also offer daycare for dogs, their grooming, facilities like D-Chauffeur also present and also a private chef for dogs present.

They have their presence in Austin, Texas; Chelsea, NYC; Hollywood, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Arcadia, AZ; Scottsdale, AZ. Click for more details.

6. Essex Pooch Palace, Wickford, UK

It is a 5 star luxary hotel and spa for dogs. It is a paradise for four legged companion of yours. They have a pick and drop facilities. Their rooms are all beautifully decorated and fully furnished with sofas, chandeliers and flat television.

They have only 10 rooms available. They have private walking tracks and field to play. They also have excellent grooming facilities.
The rates for this hotel is 21 euros per dog and for 2 dogs in same pod it is 18 euros per dog. For booking and more information click here.

7. Jet Pet Resort

They are known for excellent pet care and boarding for travellers but it quickly grew to serve a growing demand for quality pet care. They are available at various locations in Canada and also USA. Click here for more details.

Pet News

Neighbor Shoots And Kills 72-Year-Old Veteran’s PTSD Support Dog in an act of Revenge

Watch the news on video

Pet News

A Pet lover looses money for saving a dog.

An inhabitant of Chamarajpet, Bengaluru said that the episode occurred last Monday when she was feeding stray dogs close to her home, found that a dark Labrador had been abandoned by its proprietor.

She said in an interview “The canine was visually impaired and also suffering from other medical problems. Since the canine had a neckline, I waited for 3 days for her owner to turn up, yet tragically nobody turned up. I dealt with her for quite a while and took care of her day by day however her wellbeing was falling apart quickly. Last Monday, I reached a couple of notable canine consideration communities yet I didn’t get a good reaction from any of them. At that point I looked through the web and found a 24×7 ­animal pet rehabilitation place that sprung up on the list.

I called the number and the individual addressed saying that they give pet ambulances. The man disclosed to me that they wouldn’t charge for the treatment and requested that I pay Rs. 5 for the rescue vehicle. He sent me a Google form and requested that I fill my name, contact number and address. I revealed to him that I would send the cash through Google pay. I filled the structure at 4:40 pm and paid the ambulance charge. After 5 mins, at 4:45 pm Rs. 18,389 was debited from my account to an unknown account which also holds the my name. “

She learned from a senior police officer that similar crimes have been reported in the last few weeks, therefore once should verify the authenticity of a website before paying any money.

She revealed that without sharing any password or OTP still she lost her money. So readers now you have before paying any amount of money online as no app is safe, for example here GPay was used which boasts of google security still got her account hacked.

Pet News

Can Pet fur spread Coronavirus? Vets says maybe.

Specialists believe that all pet owners should maintain social distancing with their animals as well. Veterinarians all around the world are stating that dogs and cats can carry COVID-19 virus without really having the infection themselves; their coat could be a potential vehicle for transmission.

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association member Dr. Ian Sandler says that pets are extended family members therefore they should also maintain social distance. Although he also says that we should take them to walk but maintain distance from other humans and animals.

A Veterinarian Professor Dr. Scott Weeseat explains that when a COVID positive patient pats or cuddles on one’s pet in a park or any social gathering, that pet fur becomes a carrier of the virus.

From the University of Manitoba, Kevin Coombs who is an infectious disease expert said that hair does not have any antiseptic property therefore they can carry any pathogen for some time.

Center for Disease Control has asked patients who are suffereing from COVID 19 to be away from animals. Although millions of humans are affected with this virus worldwide, incidence in animals is rare. It is less like to transfer from animal fur to humans but no one knows how long does the virus can persist on the pets coat.

The rare occurence of animals tested postive of COVID-19 were in HongKong where dogs were infected and a tiger in a zoo in US.

So for the betterment of both animals and humans we should be careful when we take out pets for a walk. Make sure no one touches them or no animals come near to them for the moment.

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Pet News

Coronavirus outbreak leads to abandonment of pets in Middle East

Some pet proprietors in the Middle East are relinquishing their pets over feelings of dread they could spread coronavirus.

In any case, it hasn’t been demonstrated that pets have a noteworthy job in spreading the infection.

The World Health Organization has prompted every pet proprietor rather concentrate on great cleanliness.

Pet News

“Soda Pup” – The Boxer Who Delivers Wine during Covid-19


A canine conveying wine to individuals’ doorsteps during the coronavirus lockdown is taking the hearts of inhabitants in Maryland.

The pooch, better known by the name Soda Pup, is permitting clients to keep buying wine from the Stone House Urban Winery while watching social removing measures.

The delightful 11-year-old mottle fighter wasn’t constantly a persevering wine conveyance little guy, yet enthusiastically filled the position when the coronavirus stay-at-home measures implied clients could not, at this point fly into the winery face to face.

“Due to social distancing we hardly had any visitors and this made Soda very sad” Lori Yata who is the owner of the Winery told Today.

“Every time the entryway would ring, Soda would bounce up to welcome whoever was coming in. It was so clever — when a customary visitor would come in, their mind would swivel over to Soda’s bed and he would be recognized before all of us,” Soda Pup’s proprietor told the supporter.

Clearly Soda Pup has more than taken to the new job, conveying the wine in a pony saddlebag and cautiously moving the jugs to clients for treats.

“As soon as we get call, Soda’s gets ready. Not overstating, he truly hustles over and stands prepared,” Ms. Yata said.

Clients call early to make sure about their wine, and when they show up at the vehicle park to choose up Soda runs to the vehicle left for entryway to-entryway conveyance.

“I put two or three treats in the pack, a sack for the wine, and the two containers of wine. I at that point open the entryway and he walks on up the stroll to the control and parking area to convey the wine,” Ms. Yata told Today.

“I do need to ensure there are no critters around, for example, geese, squirrels, rabbits and so on … Please, he is a pooch!”

Pet News

Does Covid-19 affect Dogs?

Although three dogs are better-known to check positive in China for Coronavirus or COVID-19, WHO, and CDC state that it’s most unlikely that you just and your dog would cross-contaminate one another with COVID-19. The dogs that tested positive in China were thought to be exposed to terribly high concentrations of microorganism contaminants to own the detectable level that they did. You may have noticed on your dog’s vaccine checklist there’s a “coronavirus” strain listed. fortuitously, this is often specifically a canine sort of coronavirus solely. Sadly, that strain isn’t identical to COVID-19. COVID-19 has the chance of alternative sorts of animal-human transmission.

Should My Dog Wear A Mask?

No. Applying a mask to your dog might interfere together with your dog’s respiration and cause a lot of damage than smart. A dog is very seemingly to not be snug within the mask and keep attempting to tug it off. And finally, masks are designed for human faces, human nose, and mouth measurements. If you each examined your dog’s mouth line, you see it cuts deep on his or her cheeks. No human mask would be able to cowl that effectively. There are medical masks created for dogs that wrap around their snout. However, it’s not counseled for identical reasons. Not snug, will interfere with respiration and therefore the dog can keep attempting to get rid of it. most significantly, your dog isn’t seemingly to urge our COVID-19 strain.

How To shield Myself and My Dog?

I’m certain several of you’re doing a good job at these protecting practices. they’re identical as you’ve got been hearing all over? Wash your hands with soap and water for 20-30 seconds Frequently clean high-traffic, high-touch surfaces Self-isolate, it’s okay to be around your dog Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth before laundry your hands, these are the simplest areas for germs to urge into you and cause you to sick! COVID-19 typically has AN period of anyplace from a pair of days, that is rare, to 5-14 days that is a lot of average, this is often time you’re sick before you begin to own symptoms Humans are contagious during this incubation part, even before they need symptoms Humans to stay contagious after they blow their nose and cough.

Research has additionally found humans even shed the virus in their excrement.