Do You Want to Know The Best Pets for You!

A pet is not any animal; but a friend, which is kept principally for giving mental and physical happiness to their guardians instead of as a working beast, domesticated cattle or a lab creature. Well-known pets are regularly considered to have alluring appearances,knowledge and relatable characters, however, a few pets might be taken in on a charitable basis, (for example, a stray dog) and acknowledged by the caregiver irrespective of its traits. Strolling a pooch can give both the human and the canine beside work out, natural air and also social synergy. Pets can offer friendship to individuals who are living alone or old grown-ups who don’t have satisfactory social collaboration with others. Many of these pets are used as a healer or therapeutic medium such as those who are brought to visit restricted people, like, youngsters in medical clinics or older folks in nursing homes. Expert animals and handlers are used to accomplish the pet therapies.

Here you will find all the essential information and facts about a large variety of pets. We also offer a host of information that pet lovers should always keep in mind before investing your time, money and energy into a welcoming new companion in your life.

Before getting any pets do know the legality of owning them, as some animals are banned in India and one must procure permission to adopt them.

Top 5 Dog breeds

Top 5 Pet Birds

Top 5 Cat breeds

Top 5 Small Pets


Is German Shepard the best breed dog?

Yes but if you trained them well and also provide them with proper calcium supplements. Click to know more.

What is the cost of Persian Cat?

In India it costs around 25K INR. In US Persian Cat will be around 500$ – 700$. Higher prices is determined on the colour of its fur. For more cat info click here.

Which is the friendliest bird to own?

Both Cockatoo and Parrot group birds are friendly and docile. Early training will help them calling names. They are very much attached to its owners. Click to have more bird info.

Can we own small pets?

Yes you can. There are various species of small pets you can own depending on the legality of your country. Click to know more about small pets.